The 6 Tackiest Items at the 9/11 Gift Shop

The National September 11th Memorial and Museum, a tribute to those who died in the terrorist attack that the destroyed the World Trade Center in 2001, recently opened in New York City, right where the WTC used to be.  It features an abundance of information about the events of that day and it features a gift shop.

From its inception, the gift shop had been a bit of a contentious point for some people but, in fairness, most museums have them, including those dedicated to tragedies like Pearl Harbor and the Holocaust.  It’s just that the 9/11 Gift Shop maybe went a little too far (or not far enough) in trying to find the right products to sell.

And now, in honor of the total lack of tact and foresight demonstrated by those in charge of a gift shop meant to sell items to memorialize death by terrorism, here’s the 6 tackiest things they sell.

The Cheese Plate



Just pulled from the shelves amid a flurry of bad press, the 9/11 cheese plate is no doubt the most tasteless cheese plate any social gathering could wish to employ.  Shaped like the United States itself and featuring hearts over New York City, your guests will no doubt choke on even the creamiest brie and the most delicate Stilton as they ponder just how it is a platter to serve dairy products honors those who died in a heinous terrorist attack.

Plush Search and Rescue Pup


[[contentId: 2615492| | style: height:414px; width:600px]]


These plush search and rescue pups are absolutely adorable and come in three breeds – German Shepherd, Black Lab and Yellow Lab.  They do not come with any of the unidentified body parts these dogs helped pull from the rubble.  Despite that, you’re sure to love his spunky orange vest and go get-em attitude if you can reign in your disbelief that someone, somewhere, is giving their child a stuffed version of an animal whose very real and important contribution to 9/11 was helping to find the dead.

The Darkness Tote


[[contentId: 2615493| ]]


Are you moved by the plight of the victims of America’s greatest tragedy but also in need of something  in which to carry celery?  Try this tote bag featuring a likeness of the Twin Towers and the words “In Darkness we Shine Brightest” below, so it looks cool while still being functional, just like the towers before someone flew planes into them!

Survivor Tree Earrings


[[contentId: 2615494| ]]


Molded from leaves of the Callery Pear Tree that was found at Ground Zero, damaged but still alive and then nursed back to health, these earrings are sure to make you the most morbidly fashionable belle of the ball and go with everything from death shrouds to mourning robes.

Silk Liberty Scarf


[[contentId: 2615495| ]]


Looking for that perfect accent to an outfit that says “I care” but also says “I don’t know what I care about or why this is a bad idea?”  try this massive silk scarf printed with the panoramic image of the New York skyline as seen from a pier in New Jersey when the towers still stood.  Because what better way to remember than with a scarf.  Made of silk.

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site


[[contentId: 2615496| ]]


We haven’t forgotten the little ones, either!  When the kids are all tuckered out from a day of pulling dismembered Ninja Turtles and Transformers from Lego rubble with their search and rescue pup, tuck them in with this tale of hardworking construction equipment getting ready to sleep after a hard day’s work which literally has nothing to do with September 11th except for being sold at the Gift Shop and therefore implying that these colorful cartoon cranes and bulldozers helped dig through the aftermath of so much pain and suffering then got all tuckered out!