WorldStarHipHop: “CNN of the Ghetto”


WorldStarHipHop: “CNN of the Ghetto”

Touted as the “CNN of the ghetto” by its founder, WorldStarHipHop is a massively popular urban video website.  With over one million unique visitors per day, WSHH is home to strategically curated hood content from around the internet.  The videos range from hip hop and rap music videos filled with ass shaking, immensely popular fight videos, and even clips of people removing bullets from their own bodies.  We’ll get to that later.


WSHH was created in 2005 by Lee “Q” O'Denat.  Like DatPiff, the website’s original purpose was to serve as a mixtape distribution hub for serious underground rap and hip hop artists as well as more established urban musicians.  After some popularity, hackers had their way with the site leading to a quick shutdown. Upon the restart of the site, Q decided to include footage of rappers beefing with each other, and erotic content that couldn’t be found online.  Evolving once again after an insignificant conflict with a similar website, WSHH moved to an all-video model and became what it is today.  

q and drake
(World Star Hip Hop Founder and “Haitian ghetto nerd” Lee “Q” O’Denat with Drake)

WorldStarHipHop Today

Since leaving sincerity and mixtapes behind to focus exclusively on hot mess video content, WSHH sits atop the world of urban culture websites.  Tapping into the voyeur in all of us, they filter through thousands of daily submissions to handpick what they think are the most interesting videos for their audience.  And just incase you are interested in having your video featured on the website, you can submit your video with a title, description, and URL to the email provided by the contact section of website.  Also, click here to find out more details about what they look for and the cost to have the video featured. 

Apparently, WSHH is doing VERY well.  Watch Q spend $70,000 on jewelry on jeweler to the stars, Ben Baller’s internet reality show.  


WSHH may be a leader but it has some competition from some other highly visited urban blogs.  Mediatakeout, Bossip, Necole Bitchie, ConcreteLoop, Global Grind, and Young Black and Fabulous are all stiff competitors.  What sets WSHH apart from the others is that WSHH doesn’t focus on urban celebrity entertainment only while the other ones are purely celebrity-driven.

Fight Videos

Of all of the content available on WorldStarHipHop, the fight videos and compilations have become the go-to featured material.  These aren’t your professional boxing matches or UFC battles, they’re low-quality, street fights in the hood that have been recorded using bystander camera phones and sent to the website to share what should be kept private, with the world.  Some fight videos are more brutal than others, but the purpose is to shock and provide embarrassment to those receiving the ass whooping.  Like a mini-anthropological study, the viewer is captivated by the otherworldly behaviors and rituals of the subjects in the videos.  Whether you cringe or laugh, the following videos are totally worth watching.

A compilation, or sample if you will, of the types of fights you can find all over the site.

Classic afterschool catfight.

Street Fight Compilation World Star Hip Hop

It’s not all about fighting. There's also things like big booties.


In addition to the fight clips, WorldStarHipHop has become a platform for urban models and video girls to “come-up” in the industry.  They have created a separate website, iCANDY, where they showcase beautiful models in various categories.  iCANDY is separated into reality stars, published models, honeys, special features, dancers, and cellphone beauties.  The most notorious of these women is Kat Stacks.  

iCandy in striped bikini

Kat has a rough background as an undocumented immigrant from Venezuela who has been sexually abused and started prostituting at a very young age.  After claiming to have slept with some of today’s biggest rappers (the whole Young Money crew for example), she became Internet famous with the help of WorldStarHipHop by namedropping and exposing her experiences on the site.  And although she later had a falling out with the founder after she accused him of using his website to solicit sex, she still bubbles up to the surface of random insignificant blogs to announce book deals and other business ventures that never seem to pan out. 

Ms. Stacks also is a "singer." Sort of.


Five of the hottest WSHH Honeys that are currently featured on the iCANDY website.

Erica Mena Pictures & Profile

erica mena in white on bed

Michelle Jenneke

Deelishis Pictures and Profile


Cubana Lust Pictures and Profile

cubana lust in thong next to pool

Tehmeena Pictures and Profile

Tehmeena Agzal

Surely, the staff over at WorldStarHipHop would like to have the website be known as one of the best places to discover new and emerging hip-hop artists and their videos.  There are actually some gems to be discovered if you feel like sifting through the loads of video thrown onto the website daily.   But let’s be real, everyone is looking to numb their brain with some senseless ass-kicking and amazing rump-shaking.  Right now it is unclear what the direction and overall goal is of the website, but if you happen to hear someone near you yell, “WORLDSTAR!”, just run for your life.