‘Tis The Season For Wacked Christmas Trees: 8 Of The Strangest Ones You’ll See


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as the song goes, and what evokes the holiday spirit more than a Scrooge within.

tree fail

We’re not quite sure what this symbolizes, but perhaps it’s an homage to the ghost of drunken stupor’s past.


Should Christmas be made out of garbage? Let’s hope not – but this tree was. Gross.


This one was described as something found “after an explosion in a rag factory.” Truer words are seldom spoken.


This monstrosity cost over $30,000 and can best be described as Mickey’s hat in “The Sorceror’s Apprentice” before all those buckets made a giant mess. Christmasy? We don’t see it. It was though voted Britain’s worst Christmas tree.


Can you ever have too much meat and cheese? You can if you’re making it into a tree.


This one is made entirely of deer antlers. We think they’re deer antlers – if they’re actually reindeer antlers, there will be none left to drive the sleigh this year.


Want to join in the fun? This video teaches you how to make a diaper cake Christmas tree, because what spells Christmas more than a bad cake full of packages meant to be filled with baby poop?

Remember, Christmas isn’t just for Christians. Rastafarians can get in on the joy as well. This tree would also fit in well at Snoop Dogg’s holiday bash.


We’ll leave you with this odd one from France. Truly, no words can do it justice.

butt plug