World’s Most Badass 95-Year-Old Man Fights Off Robber With His Cane

Looks can be deceiving. Arthur Kamberis of Manchester, New Hampshire may look like a 95-year-old man with nothing but a cane to defend himself but a man who tried to rob him learned the hard way that he can wield that cane like a mighty, elderly Excalibur. 

An unknown assailant tried to rob Kamberis outside of a drug store over the weekend but Kamberis, a World War II veteran who fought in Okinawa, fought the guy off using nothing but his cane. 

Kamberis stopped in a local Walgreens store to pick up a prescription for his wife Surveillance cameras showed the suspect trolling Kamberis’ movements from the cash register to the door in the store before he made his move. Kamberis said he couldn’t understand the man who tried to rob him at first because he mumbled his demands. Kamberis said he tried to give him some change but when he started reaching for his wallet, he realized he was being robbed. 


Kamberis would have none of it. He refused to give up his wallet and started hitting the guy with his cane. Kamberis told police that he hit the unidentified man three or four times on the arm and said one of the officers told him, ‘You should have hit him on the head.’” So not only is Kamberis a total badass but he’s also a benevolent badass. Slap on a black hood with pointy ears and a utility belt and we’ve found our new Batman. 

This is the POS that got a good ass whoopin’ from a 95-year-old WWII vet.

Thankfully, Kamberis wasn’t hurt in the scuffle and he managed to keep his wallet. He said the only thing he’ll do differently from now on is when he leaves the house, he’ll carry his .357 Magnum with him. Someone out there needs to build this guy a cane with a working .357 Magnum inside of it right now. 

Source:  WMUR-TV