World’s Greatest Dad Makes Iron Man Costume For Premature Son

The Internet isn’t just one long stream of endless snark and hate filled comments that make you wish you didn’t know how to read at an adult level. It occasionally delivers the kind of story that rejuvenates your faith in humanity and makes you wish that Agent Smith from “The Matrix” was real just so you could punch him in the crotch for what he said about humans. This time, the Internet has given us a heartwarming story about a kind gesture that a father did for his prematurely born son.

Eric Hart became a father for the first time four months ago to a son who was born prematurely with underdeveloped lungs. Last Halloween, Hart’s son didn’t get to dress up and go trick or treating the way most babies or kids would get to in their neighborhood. He decided, however, that shouldn’t stop him from having the normal childhood that every kid deserves to have when they are brought into this world. So he made him an adorable, pint sized Iron Man costume to “help him feel brave.”

This photo will make you call up your dad and ask him to make you a costume. 

Hart said he didn’t just build the Iron Man costume for his son for Halloween. He also hoped it would give him the strength to carry through such a difficult ordeal in the same way that Tony Stark needed machines in order to stay alive. That’s so touching and beautiful that we’re just going to end this post right here before a stupid joke just ruins the whole moment. Way to go, Dad.