World’s Worst School Makes Blind Kid Use Pool Noodle As Cane For Punishment

Some people think that there’s a lack of discipline in our schools today. The truth is that every generation has had that exact same thought because we learned long ago about the long-term, psychological dangers of putting children in wooden stockades for daring to speak out of turn or for misbehaving in class. A school in Kansas City, Missouri did something to one of its students that even an 18th century headmaster would find too cruel for words. 

This kid’s school made him walk around campus with a pool noodle instead of his cane as a punishment. Words escape us. 

8-year-old Dakota Nafzinger is blind and uses a cane to help him walk. He was born without eyes due to a condition called Bilateral Anophthalmia. One day, he got in trouble for allegedly hitting someone on the school bus with his cane. The parents said that sometimes Nafzinger has to lift his cane while getting around and they believe that the bus driver mistook it for violent behavior. So the school decided to punish him by taking away his cane. 

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It gets worse. They realized that he would still need a way to get around so they gave him a pool noodle in place of his cane. A spokesperson for the school district confirmed the punishment and said they gave him a pool noodle because he needed something to hold so he wouldn’t fidget without his cane. What’s next? Taking away a student’s wheelchair and making them get around on a sled in the middle of April? 

Dakota’s parents are understandably upset when they learned that the school was making him walk around with a pool noodle “for the next two weeks” instead of his cane, according to Dakota. Is it possible to put an entire school district in detention? 

Source: Metro UK