World’s Tallest Man Meets World’s Shortest Man

These days everyone is trying to break a world record, but some people are just born with one. While the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins was recently broken (I know you were all waiting anxiously to see if they could get to 325), the world’s tallest living man met the world’s shortest man ever. Here is the long and of the short of it:

This reminds me of my time in gym class for some reason.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of The Guinness Book Of World Records so they got these two together in London to celebrate on “Guinness World Record Day” – which I’m guessing had to have the most hours ever in one day?

He really hates when you do that.

Sultan Kosen from Turkey is 8 feet, one inch tall and his opposite, Chandra Dangi from Nepal is only 21.5 inches tall. For comparison Manute Bol is the tallest person to ever play basketball in the NBA at 7- 7. An average three month old baby is around 24 inches tall. Kosen is only one of ten people on record to be taller than eight feet. It would take five of little Dangi to reach the height of Kosen!

Low five bro.

Kosen told reporters that he dreamed of being in the Guinness Book Of World records. He also holds the record for having the largest feet on record; so you know what they say ladies. Those are some big feet.

While Kosen’s dream of being recorded as the tallest living man came true you don’t have to worry about being born with an abnormal physical feature.  You could just get 325 people to dress up like a penguin. So if there are 326 people out there who want to dress up as a penguin, let me know; we can break a world record!

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