World’s Greatest Dad Builds His Son A Rocking X-Wing

There are all kinds of ways that a father can show his kid that he truly loves them. He can say it if he didn’t grow up in a time when doing so was considered a sign of weakness. He can put a roof over their heads and make sure they grow up to become level-headed and loving members of society. He can also do it the way we always preferred when we were growing up: giving them lots and lots of cool stuff. We found a dad who may have given the coolest homemade toy we’ve ever seen unless there’s a way to make a homemade Xbox One. 

Nick Offerman, eat your heart out. 

A toymaker with a knack for building wooden toys came up with a killer design that could breathe new life into the floundering rocking toy industry. Steves Wooden Toys brought the world the first rocking “Star Wars” X-wing. 

We’re just imaging ourselves sitting in this X-Wing rocker as we pretend to fight the Empire, ask R2D2 to fix the power converter and hoping that it doesn’t have a weight limit. 

This massive wooden toy looks just like the dogfighting space vehicle that Luke Skywalker used before George Lucas decided to destroy his fans’ hearts and minds with three needless prequels. We’re not sure how “movie accurate” it is for the more hardcore fans but we don’t care because it looks so well made and just plain fun. He even put R2D2 in the back seat because you need a droid on your side when you’re battling the Empire. Would it be possible for this guy to adopt me, even though I’m 34 and still have two loving parents? I’m sure if I showed them this thing that he made that they’d completely understand about switching dads. 

Source: Gizmodo