Man Unearths Gigantic Woolly Mammoth Tusk In Siberia

The woolly mammoth was the last in the long line of mammoth species, believed to be related to the modern-day elephant. One of the more amazing attributes the woolly mammoth possesses is his gigantic tusks that they would use to not only dig and collect food, but intimidate enemies. But the remarkable part about the mammoth’s tusks isn’t so much its purpose, but the size of these things, often sixteen feet long. It’s kind of rare one is found still in tact which makes a Siberian man’s recent discovery all that much more incredible.

Unearthed from a riverbed in Siberia, an image was posted to the internet of the man who found the tusk posing with the ancient artifcact. The comparative size is pretty incredible.

Little information is given regarding the exact location in Siberia where the tusk was found or who the man is in the picture, but one Reddit commentor had a cool piece of information on how one could know more about a mammoth based on the tusk itself.

Look at the ‘rings’ like a tree and figure out from growth patterns various things about their lives, like how many calves a female might have had during her life.

No word if the tusk will be sold or donated, so I hope this guy will have it placed on the front of his car for the time being.

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source: Reddit