There Was A ‘Wonder Years’ Reunion, And We’ve Got The Pics To Prove It

Want to feel bad about your age? The Wonder Years went off the air in 1993. That’s more than two decades ago. You’re f*cking old.

Want to feel better about your age? Look how friggen hot Winnie Cooper (a.k.a. Danica McKellar) is, even at 39! My god, what did she look like 15 years ago?

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At any rate, why are we talking about The Wonder Years? Because the cast had a small reunion to help promote an upcoming DVD release. Kevin (Fred Savage) and the entire Arnold clan were there, as was the previously mentioned Winnie Cooper (McKellar).

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But what about Paul (a.k.a. Josh Saviano)? Did he really grow up to be Marilyn Manson?

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Unfortunately, no. He grew up to be a successful lawyer, which is even worse. But they do look a tad-bit alike. At any rate, scroll down to see for yourself. (Source)

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