Young Women Scam ISIS Terrorist Recruiters Out Of Money And Are Arrested

Apparently playing hours of Grand Theft Auto isn’t enough realistic blood shed for some kids and they want to go off and join an actual terrorist group to do some real life evil. Knowing this, terror groups such as ISIS use social media to reach out to wayward kids and recruit them to come fight in war-torn places like Syria. (So next time your mom says you were a bad kid just remind her that you didn’t join ISIS.)  It has been a major problem making headlines recently with western teenagers making the trip to the Middle East to join the fight. Kids today, am I right!?

“What did you do this summer?” –“Oh nothing, I joined a jihad, you?”

Well three young women from Chechnya, the south west part of Russia that has a large Muslim population and is a target for recruiters from the Islamic State, turned the tables on a couple of gullible ISIS members. They went full Nigerian prince, soliciting the help of the ISIS recruiters by pretending to be interested in traveling to Syria in order to join the terror group and fight for their cause. The only thing stopping them from fulfilling this destiny was a lack of money. ISIS was more than willing to help hook them up with $3,300 in travel expenses via electronic wire transfer. THANKS, ISIS! For his sake, let’s hope that the recruiter’s boss doesn’t find out about this mistake or some heads are really going to roll!

This woman has giant, big old balls that get our respect.

After getting the money the women quickly deleted all of their social media accounts. Catfish complete. However The Chechen Police E Unite which tracks online crime and activities caught what was going on and is now charging the three terrorist scammers with fraud. A representative for the Chechen police says;

“I don’t advise anyone to communicate with dangerous criminals, especially for grabbing quick money.”

Probably good advice. Which brings us to the: Break Question of The Day: Do you think these ladies should be punished for scamming ISIS terrorists? Or are they heroes? Should they get to keep the money?

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Source: JPost