Women Are Sucking Their Butt Bigger With A Vacuum

Much like penis pumps and those old timey “exercise” machines that claimed they could rub the fat off your belly with a motorized belt, comes a new, fun fad out of Miami. Women there have taken to using vacuums to pump up their butt; or rather suck it out.  BUT-T wait, there’s more! Not really this is about butt vacuums. You think these ladies are crazy? Just remember that these guys tried Butt-Chugging:

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 “Vacuum Therapy” as it is depicted on one of the vacuum therapy clinic’s Instagram Accounts, Sculpting Goddess shows women lying face down as suction cups are attached to each of their butt cheeks. For $60 bucks a butt session they claim booty conscious babes can have a vacuum  raise and enlarge the gluteus. They also claim that the procedure eliminates toxins –if by “toxins” they mean $60.

Have you ever tried any kind of vacuum therapy on your butt, boobs or dong? Share your story with everyone! (Especially if you have tried it on all three!)

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Source: Elite Daily