Creepy Breastmilk Jewelry Store May Be A Scam

Traditionally when you think of jewelry you probably think of precious stones and metals.  Golds, silver, diamond, ruby.  That’s the boring old standard.  There’s another tier of less expensive, less precious jewelry made with just steel or copper and stones like amethyst or garnets.  And then you have stuff made from wood, or plastic.  And then you start getting into weird stuff – jewelry made from bone, from bugs, from recycled trash or food.  And then you get to where we are right now – breast milk.

Mommy Milk creations will take your breast milk and make it into something you can wear that won’t attract cats.  According to their website, they are able to preserve breastmilk through a “special process” that allows it to become fairly resilient and cane even be formed into pearl-like forms.  And who wouldn’t want to wear pearls made from their own fluids?

The jewelry isn’t cheap, all things considered, with a simple pearl costing $300 and more elaborate designs going up from there.  The exact nature of the process isn’t explained on the site anywhere, and what you end up with, if you don’t go for the simple spherical pearl, is likely going to be something like one of these for over $500 a piece.

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We’re assuming the white parts are milk that has been mixed with some manner of resin to preserve it.  And then you get to keep it as a weird memento.  But hey, who are we to judge?  Some people want breast milk jewelry.

However, all is not well in breast milk land.  Several women in Rhode Island are less than pleased having sent their breast milk and money to Mommy Milk creations and received nothing in return. 

Two years after sending in their milk, several women are still waiting to receive anything, and two years is a hell of a wait time for any order.  The site says they’re not scamming anyone it’s just that wait times are long, but the women say they have not been able to have any contact via phone or email.  And let’s be honest, even if wait times are long, two years is too long.  If you can’t provide a service to people within a month of receiving their order, then you kind of suck as a business person and you definitely need to warn people on your weird website that it’s going to take years to get your creepy memento.