Women Now Able To Pee Standing Up Using This Weird New Product

*Magical flowers sold separately.

What a milestone for women. In 1920, women were allowed to vote. In 2013, women were allowed to serve on attack submarines. In 2014, women are now able to stand up and pee without making a mess with this new “one and done” pee product.

That’s right, with the new Stand Up line of upright peeing products, women are now able to pee literally anywhere like us guys without looking so girly about it. Sure, there have been other products like GO-GIRL that allow women to pee while standing, but this seems to be the first which allows women to throw it away instead of being forced to wash it out like a maniac. These things should be used like toilet paper, not a dinner plate.

Created just this year in San Francisco, the product’s site states that they are “committed to providing all women a hygienic and dignified bathroom experience, we invented ‘The Stand Up’: a biodegradable, disposable peeing accessory that helps women keep their distance from the mess and feel the freedom to go anytime, anywhere.” Personally, I think it looks like a party hat.

The Superwoman Pack = 36 Stand Up’s. That’s a lot of peeing.

Still not convinced, ladies? Here’s a fun diagram showing how to use the product when you’re drunk in an alley and totally forgot to use the bathroom before leaving the bar. Let’s face it, that’s the only time we all pee outside anyway.

I enjoy the product illustrating how to use it at a toilet. As if sitting down is the lesser preferred option. But then again, maybe it is. I’m not a lady so who am I to judge?  Also I’m glad step four is throwing it away. Maybe the most important part of the process I’d say. The product however does not come with toilet paper which is an integral part of a lady using the bathroom, so I guess that part hasn’t been advanced unfortunately.

What does everyone think? Is this a necessary product in a world where women are sick and tired of sitting on toilets? Does the color scheme in these pictures burn your retinas too? Please let us know in the comments, I need to know.

Of course this product doesn’t negate the ole pull back and shoot method. Yeah, that’s right, I know about that one.

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source: The Stand Up