Here’s The Nightmare That Could Happen If You Don’t Get Your Moles Removed

Doctors always say to get your moles, warts and really any weird thing on your skin checked out to make sure it isn’t cancerous. But one woman had a mole on her forehead that turned out to be something much…weirder.

Oh, that’s not the weird photo. Wait for it…

The woman’s mole looked something along the lines of what we have above. But it apparently grew and grew like something out of a damn fairy tale and turned into a monstrous horn sitting on top of her damn head.

The rare growth grew to how you see it in the above photo after letting it just chill there for eight years. That’s eight years of birthday parties and Christmas’ with people saying “Oh yeah, you look…great. No, really. I hope the present that I bought you fits. It’s a hat.”

Her mole horn grew to be five inches long and two inches wide which is roughly the size of Satan’s penis (presumably). This growth would also make going to the movie theater super awkward for the people behind her.

Liang Xiuzhen says that the horn bleeds everytime it is hit or “jerked”, which just made this story that much more nauseating. But doctors were eventually able to diagnose it as a cutaneous horn, which is composed of keratin, the same protein in hair and nails. Use THAT line on your next date!

Doctors think they’ll be able to remove the weird growth but are afraid that Liang’s age might be a factor. However they are confident they can pull it off. After the surgery is over, let’s hope that they take Liang’s horn, wrap it in a towel tightly, and burn the fuck out of it so that they may be able to send it back to the hell it came from.