Woman Says Her Gigantic 40M Boobs Almost Killed Her

Women with massive boobs. Sure, they’re fun to look at but there’s evil behind those gigantic mammaries. An evil some just aren’t prepared to battle because that battle could come without notice! Rachel Brookes, who has lived with cumbersome 40M sized knockers, says they almost killed her and not because she was sleeping on her back after taking some Vicodin. This boob attack came in the middle of the day with plenty of people around at a damn theme park! Unfortunately these people couldn’t help her when her boobs decided to strangle her.

Yes or No?

The mother of five (buzzkill, I know!) was out at a theme park when her and her children decided to hop on a rollercoaster. After the emergency handle bar locked her in, the ride was off and running. Halfway through the ride, she realized she couldn’t breathe because her boobs were so smashed up against her chest, it was constricting her breathing and literally suffocating her. More like the Screaming Titties!

Rachel recalled her terrifying experience by saying “I blacked out on a rollercoaster once because the harness could barely fit over my boobs, it had to be pushed down so tight that I was in and out of consciousness. I was gasping for breath, my own boobs were suffocating me and I sometimes think it would have been better to have fallen off, it was one of the worst experiences I have ever been through.”

Luckily Rachel survived the ordeal but how much longer until the boobs decide to kill her again?!

Despite the near death experience, Rachel has decided to welcome her massive boobs and not let them be the death of her despite having hated them all her life. She says, “Everything I have been through I am determined to not let my boobs ruin my life.” Not letting them ruin your life is key but one must tame such large breasts as well. Tame them like a wild beast. And that is truly how you will become the master of your large boobs and live a happier life.

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