Woman Held Hostage Finds Clever Way To Get Help Through Pizza Hut’s Phone App

Some people actually ridicule today’s technology. You know the ones, those people that continually wish for simpler times when we would call each other instead of texting, send letters instead of emails or be able to just pray for help to arrive when you’re in a dire situation instead of utilizing technology, because one woman found a creative way to call out for help by using her phone’s Pizza Hut app.

Cheryl Treadway near Tampa Florda was held hostage by her boyfriend, forcing her to stay home at knife-point, not even allowing her to go pick her kids up from school. Finally, she convinced him they should order a pizza when the boyfriend decided it would be okay to let her finally use the cell phone. This is when she was able to cleverly send a message in Pizza Hut’s “comments section” on the app. Not only was she able to write “Please help. Get 911 to me,” she also added “911 hostage. help!” to the receipt for good measure. Police say the boyfriend was likely high on meth, which explains the whole ordering from Pizza Hut part of the story.

Employees that received the message recognized the customer as being a frequent customer but luckily also noticed her cry for help. See, they DO read your comments section! Thankfully police showed up and escorted the woman from her home and took the boyfriend into custody. Now THAT is how you MacGruber your way out of a hostage situation. Treadway and her kids walked away from the situation unharmed.

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source: Arstechnica