Woman Wants To Marry Her Dog Because Her Husband Who Was A Cat Is Now Dead

There’s Florida f*cked up and then there’s this story which takes “f*cked up” to a whole new f*cked up level. Dominique Lesbirel, a 41-year-old lover of animals married her cat Doerak eight years ago, but unfortunately Doerak has since passed away, leaving Dominique widowed and alone in this bizarre world. But the mourning has since passed and Dominique is ready to start over with a new beau in her life. A dog named Travis, whom she’s hoping to marry one day. She says it’s still too soon to marry but she’s wishing that a ceremony will take place at some point in their future. Oh good, she’s thinking with a level head at least. Don’t wanna rush into anything crazy.

Here’s an image of the handsome couple below. Awwww.

Dominique not only partakes in the marriage of animals, she’s ordained to wed people and their pets as well. So the big question is does Dominique actually have sex with these animals? C’mon, you’re all wondering. Oddly enough, the answer is no. She finds beastiality cruel toward animals and only promotes the marriage of pet and owner because it ensures a safe and happy life for your dog or cat or whatever.

God knows you can’t just do that by feeding them every day and cleaning up their poop. Animals totally know the difference between having just a good owner and one that is married to them.