Woman Throws Out Apple I Computer Worth $200,000

When cleaning out your garage or closet, lots of valued things can accidentally be thrown into the donate pile: a favorite book, a Playbill from a Broadway play, or even a copy of “Titanic” on VHS you had all throughout college. You would probably get over those losses pretty fast, but what if you realized you accidentally gave away a pop culture artifact worth $200,000? I’m pretty sure you would beat yourself up on a daily basis for tossing that.

A woman in Silicon Valley recently cleaned out boxes from her garage after her husband’s death and gave it to the electronic waste company, Clean Bay Area. When they opened one of the boxes, they found an old Apple computer – and I’m not talking about one of those candy-colored iMacs. I’m talking about the granddaddy of them all: an Apple I.

The first generation Apple computer in a wooden chassis was assembled by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne in 1976. It is one of 200 first generation desktops in existence. At first glance, Victor Gichun, the vice president of Clean Bay Area thought it was a fake, but after further research, they found out it was the real deal. They sold it and made a nice pretty penny off of it – $200,000 to be exact.

“You seem to be missing some upgrades.”

Since it is Clean Bay Area’s policy to give 50 percent of what they earn to the original owner, Gichun said he is looking forward to split the handsome sum of money to the woman who donated this pop culture treasure – but she never left her contact information. It looks like Gichun has $100,000 burning a hole in his pocket. This anonymous lady better act fast, because I know for damn sure shady old ladies and men dressed as old ladies all over the country are probably lining up outside the door of the Clean Bay Area offices claiming to be the mysterious Apple I lady.

Source: CBC