The Worst Selfie Anyone Could Ever Take

from Todd Spence

A group of people noticed something strange happening on the Brooklyn Bridge and realized it was a suicide attempt.  Horrified, most people gathered around watching as this awful situation took place.

This young woman on the other hand saw it as an attempt to take a selfie, which I'm sure she then posted to facebook and God knows whatever other social media sites she is on, finding the situation I can only assume as amusing. 


The above photo was captured by a journalist also watching the suicide attempt unfold when he noticed a blonde woman wearing a white scarf take out her phone and decide to take a picture of herself.  She's not even making a disgusted face, almost smirking about it.  Just lovely.  The journalist claims there was no mistaking that she knew she was taking a selfie with a suicide attempt in the background, especially with the amount of commotion happening around them.

The image was then printed on the New York Post today.



Seriously, who would want to SHARE such a moment?  The young man was escorted down by police eventually.  And lucky for her, she is getting more attention than what her personal social media needs could ever possibly achieve.