Is This The Worst Pet Owner In America?

Picture this; you live next to a woman, maybe she’s insane, maybe everyone in the neighborhood thinks she’s a scum-sucking turd of a human, maybe not; and she owns four pit bulls.  So far so good.  You own a nice, 10 year old little beagle.  It’s a cute dog.  Things are good.  One day your craptatsic neighbor’s dogs plow through your fence and tear your dog to shreds in your yard.  Your beagle had no chance in hell of surviving against 4 pit bulls.  In the end it’s a brutal scene and your dog is gone.  What do you do?

In this scenario, a lot of people might sue.  In this case, the real life owner of Bailey the beagle was going to sue, was even urged to sue, but his neighbor’s dogs had been declared dangerous, she was ordered to put up a larger, stronger fence and she needs to carry $100,000 in liability on the dogs now.  So Bailey’s owner felt like that was enough.  No need to sue; word had gotten out and people know that her dogs were dangerous and nothing would bring his dog back, so just leave it at that.  Well, that’s where he left it.

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The owner of the pit bulls is now suing Bailey’s owner for $1 million.  That’s not a typo.  This woman has decided to blame her neighbor for not securing their dog well enough in their own back yard and for the scratches and physical trauma she received, from her own dogs, trying to stop them from killing the dog they killed.  She says she’s feeling “conscious pain and suffering and now suffers also from fear, anxiety and trepidation.”  So far no one has told her to go shove her head in her ass, as far as we know.

Obviously Bailey’s owner is blown away by this, as is anyone with common sense.  In her court filing, the neighbor goes so far as to call the attack unprovoked, perhaps unaware of how that makes her case look worse rather than better.

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Is there any chance this lawsuit will succeed?  You have to assume not because it’s so stupid it would make you want to smash something is she actually won.  But you never know.  History is littered with amazingly stupid lawsuits that went much farther than they should have.

How would you respond to a neighbor who killed your dog and then sued you for it?

(Images via Galveston Daily News)