Woman Sues Pantyhose Company After Tights Don’t Give Her An Orgasm

Imagine for a moment your job is to try and sell women’s tights and stockings. How in the world do you make that even remotely interesting? One way might be to demonstrate that they are just so comfortable that they make you feel like you are having sex.  Lol! One very literal minded woman who doesn’t understand humor or hyperbole took this silly advertisement as 100 percent completely accurate and true.

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OK, she might be overselling it a tad, but it’s a TV commercial!

Meng Wang of Queens, New York did not get the pleasure and service she was expecting from her pair of Kushyfoot Shaping Tights. That’s because Kushyfoot’s advertising campaign (above) features a woman moaning like the ending of a Porn Hub video as she walks the streets wearing a pair Kushyfoot Shaping Tights. Wang excepted the same experience; as in she wanted to get off just by wearing a pair of tights like promised in the ad…. Please no one ever show her a Mountain Dew commercial!

Goats love drinking Mountain Dew! Cool! Let’s get some and watch!

The voice over on the commercial clearly says that KushyFOOT massages your FEET- and if you agree with Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction– the foot is not the “Holiest of Holies” – it’s not even the same ballpark!

After purchasing the tights and failing to achieve an orgasm from walking in them, Meng Wang didn’t see it that way. She decided to file a class action lawsuit with others who share her sharp sense of humor – against Kushyfoot manufacturer Gildan Outerwear for deceptive advertising and business practices.  You can read the entire, insane lawsuit here:

Orgasmic Stockings Lawsuit

This is why there are warnings on plastic bags telling people not to put their children in them. You have the Meng Wang’s of the world to thank for that. Thanks Meng!  In the lawsuit Wang is basically admitting that she (and apparently her lawyers who agreed to follow through with this legal action) thought the Kushyfoot people were promoting  a pair of vibrating orgasm tights in the above national advertising campaign spot.

Well now we know why the foot was so “kushy.”

The next time I drink a Bud Light a pair of beautiful blonde women better find me attractive. I better get out of a sticky situation with some Mentos and if I eat a Snickers candy bar I best not look like Betty White!

Source: Gothamist

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