NYC Woman Sues 12-Year-Old Nephew For $127K For Breaking Her Wrist With Hug

Who says love has the power to heal? Not Jennifer Connell, an Upper East Side resident of New York City who is currently suing her now 12-year-old nephew for breaking her wrist with an extra rambunctious hug. Connell says the youngster, Sean Tarala has always been “very loving and sensitive” toward her but that this fondness took a painful turn four years ago when she attended his eighth birthday party.

Fragile wristed Aunt Jen has made family reunions more awkward.

The strange part of this is that there are no two sides to the story. This is HER side of the story that she is using in the deposition against her nephew. She told the court that when the then eight year old boy saw his aunt enter the house, he dropped his new bicycle he had been riding and ran to her shouting “Auntie Jen! Auntie Jen!”

In her testimony she describes the moment the little birthday boy broke her wrist with the overly enthusiastic greeting;

“All of a sudden he was there in the air, I had to catch him and we tumbled onto the ground. I remember him shouting, ‘Auntie Jen I love you,’ and there he was flying at me.”

Hugs not drugs!

Unfortunately this tumble with the boy broke her wrist. At the time of the party she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to upset the boy.  Now Connell is seeking $127,000 from Sean who is the only defendant in the case and wants a six member Superior Court jury to find him liable for his actions. An eight year old. Who gave his aunt a high flying hug. Shouting “I love you.” $127K. Can I file a lawsuit against this woman? She just made me hurt my hand when I punched the fucking wall.

I bet you are thinking “well this story can’t get any more twisted or darker. What a psycho!” That is where you would be wrong, because humans are really just filthy animals who figured out how to speak, make fire and file lawsuits. The confused boy was accompanied in court by just his father Michael Tarala, as his mother Lisa Tarala died last year. That’s right. This woman, Jennifer Connell of New York City is suing her recently deceased sister’s child because he accidently hurt her while giving a loving embrace. Jesus Christ. The asteroid can’t come quick enough to end it all.

How Aunt Jen saw the hug.

Now some of you legal scholars might be questioning who in fact should pay for the woman’s medical care. After all she must have suffered great physically and financially to be going after her young nephew in such a way. Connell told the court:

“I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d’oeuvre plate.”

Wow, this woman may be interested in investing a pharmaceutical company that recently purchased lifesaving AIDS medication. I think she would really like the CEO.  I think these two should two should get married and have kids of their own and evolve the human species into a Darwinian nightmare of super-assholes. 

Martin Shkreli would sue the shit out of that 12-year-old and charge him an hourly rate for the time it took to give him a hug.

She also complained that she lives on a third floor walk-up in Manhattan which has made life challenging. The lawsuit states; “The injuries, losses and harms to the plaintiff were caused by the negligence and carelessness of the minor defendant in that a reasonable eight years old under those circumstances would know or should have known that a forceful greeting such as the one delivered by the defendant to the plaintiff could cause the harms and losses suffered by the plaintiff.”

A great man once said: “You are all equally worthless.”

Break Question Of The Day: Do you think it is OK that Auntie Jen sued her nephew for $127K?

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Source: CT Post