Man Who Met This Creepy Woman Online Later Found Her Stuck In His Chimney

Most people have dated someone after meeting them online. It’s become common practice unless you’re living in the telephone book ages where that just seems kinda creepy. Well, for one man in Sherman Oaks, CA who prefers to remain anonymous, it actually went to that creepy level pretty quick. At around 5AM, he realized someone had tried to enter his home through the chimney, but (luckily?) became stuck about 8 ft. from the top. The Santa-wannabe, Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa’s (30), was actually someone the home owner had gone on a few dates with recently. Wonder if illegal entry was a part of her “interests”.

It’s unclear what Figueroa’s intention was, but the homeowner didn’t appreciate it none-the-less after calling 911 at 5:45AM. Nothing like the horror of knowing someone is stuck in your chimney, let alone it being a person you probably made out with.

Fire Department released photos of the woman stuck in the man’s chimney.

After being stuck in the chimney for about two hours, she was arrested for illegally entering a residence and providing false information to a peace officer. The victim gave a few words about the dangers of online dating to KTLA by saying “Before you have somebody come in your house really check them out … really give it some time before you let somebody in, because they might want to stay,”

It’s safe to say there will not be another date between the two. Assuming that he doesn’t like the crazies.

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source: KTLA