Woman Steals $25K Watch After Bar Hookup, Hides It In Her Vagina

A tourist from Australia was looking for a one night stand when he thought he got lucky. Brenton Price met Shacarye Tims at a bar and brought the young lady back to his hotel room at The Holiday Inn where the two had a wild time – that ended when the woman tried to steal his $25K Rollex, hiding it in her vagina. You might say she’s a real watch snatcher.

What’s that ticking sound? Do you guys hear ticking?

At 5:30 in the morning, Tims asked Price if he could take off his “Yacht-Master II Rolex” watch as it was scratching her. However it seems that Ms. Tims wasn’t going to be staying around for the free continental breakfast.

Sweet, it’s on sale!

Brenton, who likes to wear a watch that costs more than most people’s cars when picking up strange women at a bar, noticed after ten minutes that his Rolex was missing. The lady suggested that it might have fallen behind the night stand. As he frantically looked around the hotel room for it, Tims tried to flee the hotel room and even hit the guy in the face several times. I guess time flies when you’re trying to make off with a watch in your hoo-ha.

Maybe she felt it was her son’s birthright?

When police arrived and confronted Tims, a female officer witnessed her take the Rolex “out of her vaginal cavity.” So I’m guessing there might be a slightly used Yacht Master II on sale for a bargain price of $10K.

Brenton Price with ladies who love the watch.

This isn’t the first time Tims has tried to rip off a hookup. In addition to prostitution charges, she was charged for stealing a man’s credit cards and taking $400 out of his bank account. No word on what body cavity those items were hidden in.

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