Superfan Spends $7000 To Look Like Jack Sparrow, Fools No One

amanda sparrow

There are many things to admire about Johnny Depp. He seems to enjoy himself, he is beloved by folks of both sexes, he’s done a lot of good movies and he’s a bit of a bad ass. That said, would you want to spend most of your life dressed as one of his most iconic characters, Captain Jack Sparrow?

Single mom of four Amanda Lange is now legally Amanda Sparrow, as she’s undergone surgery, gotten extensive tattoos and basically appropriated (or appropri-pirated?) Depp’s swashbuckling pirate character.

amanda sparrow 2

Perhaps the nuttiest part of this tale of the high seas is that she only saw any of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies for the first time in January of 2015. Meaning, she’s basically changed her life long after the proverbial shark has jumped on the timeliness of said character. Ahoy, maties.

amanda 3

Regrets? She’s got none. “I love seeing people’s reactions and get a really good response. Hopefully I can do more charity work off the back of it. Unfortunately the facial hair comes off, but if I could grow it I would.”


“Life’s too short to dress normally and why would you, when you could spend every day as Mrs Sparrow.”

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“I love looking like this and people think I look great. I really connected with the character and thought why not?”

Look, she’s obviously having fun with her new persona so we say good for her. It’s certainly a better choice than if she had wanted to be another of Depp’s characters, Edward Scissorhands. You think her four kids would have liked hugging that?

edward scissorhands

Source: Mirror