Woman Spends $377 To Save Goldfish’s Life! 5 Better Things She Could Have Done

Who doesn’t love a goldfish? It is about the only thing you can get that still costs a nickel. For many people it was their first pet they brought home in a plastic water filled bag from the carnival. However for one Australian woman, her pet goldfish “Courage” cost her $377 in medical expenses to save it from a life threatening pebble lodged in its mouth. Damn, they don’t teach the goldfish heimlich maneuver?

$377! What could POSSIBLY cost that much for a veterinarian to save a goldfish’s life?  To dislodge the 13g pebble which was wedged in sideways (so the little guy couldn’t just hack it out) they had to use an anesthetic and keep him overnight for observation. Not kidding. This woman named Emma Marsh spent $377 to take her goldfish to the hospital overnight.  There are  lots of HUMANS who don’t get that kind of medical care.

You will be happy to know that Courage The Goldfish is recovering nicely at home in her bowl- the fish bowl, not the toilet bowl for now. Which got me thinking; is it reasonable to spend that much money to save the life of a five cent pet? Aren’t there better things that this nice young lady could have put her funds towards?

Here are better things she could have done with that $377.

1.  Feed One Of Those Starving Kids For 84 Months

 PSA’s are always saying that for just the price of a cup of coffee a month you can feed a starving child in a developing part of the world. Well if we are generous and buy him or her one of those big Grande American Starbucks cups of coffee for $4.45 that will keep Tiny Tim nice and fed for 84 months!

2. Get A Homeless Man A Hotel Room For 10 Nights

It’s getting chilly out as we approach the fall months and winter is quickly coming. Sadly a lot of folks will be left out on the street during the cold weather. A lot of homeless people sure could use a warm room. With the average national rate for a Motel 6 (“Lowest Price of Any National Chain!”) coming in at $35.99, for $377 the goldfish lady could have gotten a homeless man a hotel room for 10 nights.

3. Get 25 Underprivileged Children Their Flu Shot

With the cold weather comes flu season and it’s time to get your shots, everybody! Well that is unless you are an underprivileged child who comes from a family that is not covered by health insurance or has the means to get their shots. Costco offers flu shots this year for a price busting $14.99. With $377 that would cover the flu shots of 25 kids.

4. Provide 25 Human Beings With Clothing Who Are In Need

One of the many struggles facing the needy is clothing. Each year clothing drives at places like Good Will and The Salvation Army collect new and used donations from good hearted people. At good old Walmart you can get a pair of pants and a shirt for about $15. So with $377 of cash on hand you could provide 25 people who need it a new outfit.

5.  Get 8 Little Dogs Neutered!

Like Bob Barker used to tell us; spay and neuter your pets! It’s a big problem, otherwise: too many cats and dogs. The cost of neutering at the Human Society of America is $45 for small dogs (they go by weight!) So with $377 on hand you could neuter 8 little dogs. You know in case you want to spend money on a real pet like a dog!

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