This Insane Woman Spent $30K To Look Like Kim Kardashian. Did It Work?

A 24 year-old British woman has spent thirty thousand dollars to look like her hero, Kim Kardashian. Clair Leeson says she began watching the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2009 and really identified with Kim.

"I watched and realized I had the same amount of siblings and that we have the same kind of arguments and things going on," she said. "I thought she was so beautiful and I really wanted to be like her."

Good for you lady. I’m just going to keep eating so I can look like my hero Chris Farley.

Kanye is super excited to get two Kims.

With these stories, I’m always fascinated by this paradox; someone has their life together to the point where they have acquired enough money to purchase thousands of dollars’ worth of expensive cosmetic surgery. Yet at the same time they are crazy enough to spend that money on looking like a Human Barbie Doll. Think about it. I would assume someone obsessed with looking like Lady Gaga would have a hard time holding down a regular job.

She looks just like Kim Kardashian... if Kim was constantly looking into the sun.

Imagine going into see a tax attorney, and she had a mangled “Joan Rivers face” from repeated attempts to look like Paris Hilton. Would you stick around and let her manage your money? I’m out. 

In Leeson’s case, however she didn’t even have the cash on hand. She has racked up $30,000 in debt, and now has bill collectors calling her daily. Sounds super worth it. It's was a much better investment than going back to school or making a down payment on a house. But to each his own. Darwin always wins.

What happens when the actual Kim Kardashian gets plastic surgery herself? Will Leeson get adjustments? Here’s a Kim K before and after:

Which one do you prefer?

To be clear, not all of the money went toward plastic surgery. Here is a list of what she's had done, and how much she owes to the credit card companies.

Breast Augmentation: $8500

Teeth Whitening: $4300

Hair Extensions: $7700

Makeup: $1700

Spray Tanning: $1700

Nails: $850

Butt Padding: $600

Shoes and Clothing: $5400

Speaking of plastic surgery, I’ve been obsessed with a new guilty pleasure, the TV show Botched on The E! Network. Each episode, a pair of Beverly Hills' plastic surgeons interview people who have had bad plastic surgery to see if they can help. Some of the people have legitimate issues, but some have only themselves to blame: Women with bad boob jobs, a lady who went to Tijuana for a tummy tuck sans anesthesia, and a guy who spent $100,000 to try and look like his hero, Justin Beiber. This guy is known as the “Human Ken Doll”...

You might remember this horrifying music video featuring the creepy Beiber (Toby Sheldon), and these other Nobel Prize winners, including a woman who spent $25K to look like Jennifer Lawrence (she doesn’t) and a guy who wanted to look like Madonna. The video was all about how “great” it is to get plastic surgery.

By the way, what happens when the celebrities these people are imitating aren't popular anymore?

This lady wanted to look like Queen Nefertiti.

This guy nailed it.

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