Woman Slices Off Tattoo To End Relationship With Boyfriend

Anything that involves blades, slicing of body parts or the peeling of skin terrifies me. It’s more painful to look at than disgusting. So imagine the horrific joy I felt when I learned that a woman sliced off a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name off her arm to send to him in the mail as a way to end their relationship. This was her loving tattoo before she removed it:

How could it all go so wrong?

The story itself made me woozy, but when I saw the pictures, I damn near died. Yes, this is one of those “graphic content” posts. Torz Reynolds and Stuart “Chopper” May were dating for two years. That was long enough for Reynolds to get a sophisticated tattoo of the words “Chopper’s Bitch” on her arm. Their relationship hit a snag when May said that he had to move to Alaska for a job. She was supportive, yet sad to see her boo leave. All of that romantic “sad goodbye” crap was thrown out the window when she found out that he didn’t move to Alaska at all. He moved back home to Tiptree, Essex. She was not happy about that.

Instead of doing the normal thing and putting all of the keepsakes from their relationship in a box to be thrown away, Reynolds wanted to get rid of that tattoo – not by laser removal, but by slicing it off.

“Laser surgery is very expensive and very painful,” she said. “This is a genuine alternative, it’s literally one hour and then you’re done.”

I literally have nothing to say about that.

She took a scalpel to her arm and cut it out like a it was a DIY project. After 90 minutes of cutting, she peeled it off with tweezers, put it in a jar and decorated it to send it off to May. I’m sure you can find this all on her Pinterest board. Here is the skin tat ready to go in the mail. Does this count as anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous?

Apparently, she said that this was a clear message to her ex warning him not to ever mess with her again. It also says something else: “psycho.”

She is now seeing someone new and is now considering offering her skin/tattoo removal services to others. She says “it could make a great business.” This business idea should also be a gigantic red flag to her current boyfriend.