Woman With Legs Shocks Afghanistan

Heard much about Afghanistan lately?  The US has been handing over control of prisons to Afghani forces recently now that combat is “officially” over even though about 10,000 soldiers are staying in country to deal with the Taliban.  Now they have to rebuild, try to manage the opium industry and work against massive fraud and corruption.  But hey, that’s just every day crap.  Big news in Kabul is the lady with shins.

This image has gone as viral as images can get in Afghanistan, meaning those with internet showed it or told everyone about it and now the whole country is abuzz with curiosity and speculation.  Over a woman with a knee length dress.

Yes, progress is slow moving in some parts of the world where religious doctrine pulled from who knows where is all about oppressing women.  You can’t really defend the habit of forcing women to cover up from head to toe since the entire idea has only been strictly and insanely enforced since about the 1970s.

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Indeed, the Middle East was once, recently and in the far past, a bastion of knowledge and insight and relative freedom.  Plus ladies wore skirts and whatnot.  But that’s the past and today, ankles blow people’s minds.  In fact, under the Taliban, ankles exposed to the world would have gotten a woman a pretty ridiculous punishment, such as a whipping.

Now that this woman’s photo is out and about, the city of Kabul has gone all Sherlock trying to piece together what the hell she was thinking.  Popular theories seem to be that she’s either protesting or insane.  Those are literally two of the biggest theories, which is pretty sad when you think about it.  Girl showing legs?  Must have mental health issues.

Other theories about the unknown lady with legs include that perhaps she’s a prostitute, showing off those goods, or maybe she’s just a terribly ill-informed foreigner.  Will we ever find out?  With any luck, this will turn out to be like those clown sightings from a few months back, and all over Afghanistan, people will be forced to look at women’s legs until everyone comes to terms with the fact that, in most cases, a woman’s legs will not destroy the world, families, morality or your entire belief system.

Incidentally, the pool around the office is in support of the idea she works in the opium industry and was just sampling too much of her own product.  What do you guys think?