Woman’s Weed Search On Twitter Catches Cops’ Attention

Some anti-marijuana advocates claim that legalizing weed will bring down the country’s collective intelligence. Well, we’ve found the perfect counter argument to that sound bite. Meet a woman who got busted in a non-legal marijuana state who took her search for weed to social media. 

Apparently, a Twitter user who goes by the name @Rosa_Sparkz was running a little short on the green stuff so she decided to widen her search net by casting it on her Twitter page. She posted a Tweet to her account on Tuesday that read, “Somebody bring me weed. I’ll pay for it.” She also missed a prime opportunity to score herself a sweet “hashtag” (click here for the rimshot that this awful joke deserves). 

She didn’t get many responses for her offer but the most interesting one didn’t come from a drug dealer or someone who was willing to give up part of their stash for another kind of green. The best reply came from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office who simply asked “Where should we meet you.” And since this is Florida, that wasn’t entirely a joke. Given the state’s propensity for dumb behavior, there’s a good chance that she might have actually set up a meeting place so this counts as a sound, law enforcement strategy. 

And believe it or not, she did just that! @Rosa_Sparkz actually replied “follow back so I can DM you the location.” She later told a local blog in an interview that she didn’t regret making the comments online and she’s yet to be visited by any law enforcement because just asking about weed isn’t enough to merit a charge. Also, she’s obviously not stoned since she could clearly write complete sentences with subject and verb agreements. 

Source: UPI