Woman Rips Off Shirt, Rubs Boobs On Guy’s Face In Anti-Sexual Harassment Stunt

You read that title right – you’re about to see a censored video of a Brazilian woman ripping her shirt off and rubbing her boobs in some guy’s face in public, all in the name of anti-sexual harassment. Does that make sense to you? It shouldn’t. It’s like PETA entering a hot dog eating contest in the name of animal welfare rights, or a bunch of BLM protesters attending a cross burning to help promote civil rights.

In any case (logic not withstanding), Unilad reports that the following footage was shot in Ribeirao Preto city center, located in south east Brazil. A young saleswoman, who had been handing out flyers, pins a man to the ground with her foot as she accuses him of being inappropriate with her in public. As a crowd begins to gather, she screams that she’s done with being “touched and sexually harassed while just doing her job.”

The guy on the ground pleads for her to stop, saying that “he was out shopping with his wife and has done nothing wrong.” The woman, either not listening or not believing him, replies with “I’m fed up being treated like a sex object. Is it boobs you want?”

Cue her giving him more boobs than he ever wanted, right in his face and all over the place.

Yeah – I’m not seeing the logic here. Do we give handles of Jack Daniels’ to alcoholics? Of course not, so why would we give sex pests titties galore? One woman in the crowd put it better than I ever could, shouting “This is absurd! There is no justification for doing this. How can you do this in front of children in the city center? You’re disrespecting women with your actions.” But there are two sides to every coin, with another woman yelling that “this has humiliated and exposed the attacker!”

Personally, I side with the former. The fuck are these people on?

There are rumors, however, that the whole thing was staged by a theater crew in order to bring awareness to the unwanted advances women can be subjected to while out in public – and I hope they’re true. What sane person thinks this is a good idea? This helped exactly zero women with the thousands of problems they face with sexual harassment.

Way to make it worse instead of better. Idiots.