Florida Woman Pays $164K A Year To Live On Cruise Ship

An 86-year-old woman from Florida, Lee Wachtsetter has been living aboard the Crystal Serenity luxury cruise ship for the past seven years. She spends around 164 thousand dollars a year in order to be a full time resident of the ship where crew members affectionately call her Mama Lee.

This grandma loves to go “cruising” as the kids call it.

She has been to hundreds of countries to which the ship has docked, so many that she doesn’t even bother getting off the ship anymore. She has lived on the Crystal Serenity longer than most of its 655 crew members and made lots of new friends on the 1,070 passenger vessel.  Why would someone want to live on a cruise ship? There has to be a cheaper way of getting all the shrimp cocktail you can eat?

The Crystal Serenity looks… what’s the word I’m looking for? – Calm.

Actually, Mamma Lee has a pretty heartwarming reason to be a permanent cruiser.  Just before he passed away, her husband of 50 years told her to “never stop cruising.” The couple had gone on 89 cruises together during his life and now she has gone on 100 more. She sold her five bedroom house and set sail aboard the Crystal Serenity, leaving her family behind in Miami. Now she lives a “stress free, fairy tale life.”  She enjoys the ship’s dance program, dancing for several hours after dinner  and hanging out in one of the ships luxury lounges and doing needlepoint.  Hey, whatever floats her boat.

Hopefully she has her “sea legs.”

Mamma Lee likes when the passengers go ashore to a port that she has been to before and she has the whole place to herself. She probably gets up to some crazy stuff. She’s never even had a sick day with all her time in the confines of the boat. What’s interesting about Mamma Lee’s story is that there is cruise ship named The World, set up for long term living, with small condos aboard where residents travel the globe together like a floating luxury apartment building.

Apartment onboard M.S The World.

If you had the chance, would you live on a cruise ship like Mamma Lee?

Source: USA Today

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