Woman Orders Chicken Wings From Domino’s: Gets Pile Of Cash Instead!

In recent years the pizza chain Domino’s has really been trying to attract new customers. First they promised us that they changed the taste of their sauce from Drano infused ketchup. Then they changed their signature crust from the taste of stale cardboard a homeless man urinated on in his sleep. Now it seems Dominos is simply giving away cash to anyone who orders food there.

The manager of a nearby cell phone store, named Selena Avalos in San Jose, California wanted to order some chicken wings from the pizza joint during her lunch break. She knew when the order arrived that they had screwed it up as she wanted the wings and they had given her a breadsticks box.

Before she could say anything the delivery guy, had sped away in- I’m assuming -one of those delivery cars they also tried to improve, with the built in pizza oven (OK Domino’s that one actually IS pretty cool!)

When hungry Selena opened the breadsticks box she was shocked to discover not breadsticks which she hadn’t ordered, but a pile of cold cash. Around $5,000 in bills destined for the bank were where her lunch should have been.  

She is lucky she didn’t order chicken wings from McDonald’s, or else she would have been delivered a fried chicken head.

Good gal Selena quickly picked up the phone and dialed the Domino’s location, asking for the manager so could return the dough to its rightful owner. However she was met with even crappier service, when they wouldn’t return her call! She told the local news, “Wouldn’t they be thinking, ‘Where did that money go?'”

Maybe, or maybe this was some sort of Breaking Bad scheme to deliver illicit loads of cash in Domino’s deliveries and the delivery guy screwed up who was getting chicken wings and who was getting DRUG MONEY.

With still no answer from the store, Selena turned to ABC 7 News who helped her get in touch with Domino’s corporate who finally hooked her up with the franchise owner of the store in question. For her honesty her own employer, Spacetel Wireless is give her a paid week off. In addition Domino’s is giving her a years’ worth of FREE Domino’s Pizza. Again, this makes me think they are drug dealers and now they are trying to kill her!

Would you have returned the money? After the store ignored your call? Be honest.

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