Woman Kicks Cop In The Balls, Gets Arrested, Then Offers A Gross Bribe

It’s safe to say not all women are ladies. So it’s with great pleasure we bring you this story of a woman who was arrested after kicking a Deputy in the balls and then had the gaul to try to bribe him with, well, her so-called talents. The worst part is why the cops were called in the first place.

In Florida (of course), the cops were called to a local watering hole Boonies Bar, reporting that a drunk 23-year-old Beatrize Carrion-Moore was offering patrons oral sex in exchange for money. Once a Deputy had arrived, he tried escorting Moore out of the establishment which led to a struggle and Moore falling to the ground. Once she was put in handcuffs, she was led to the police cruiser where she continued to struggle, striking multiple officers in the groin and testicles. I’m already hoping Melissa McCarthy can portray her in a TV movie.

After getting placed securely in the cruiser, Moore decided to pull out her Ace in the hole. She began to offer the police officers oral sex in exchange for letting her go. Needless to say, the offer didn’t go farther than a jail cell that night. But the more amazing part is the Boonies Bar had called the police before because Moore had been at the establishment offering oral sex in exchange for money earlier in the week. So any lonely fellas in Florida, head to Boonies Bar if you’re hankering for an STD.

Moore has been charged with trespassing after warning, resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer. She’s also single and ready to mingle…for cash up front.

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source: Wesh