Guess The State: A Woman Walked Naked Into A Convenience Store

Today, shoppers at their local convenience store were treated with a peep show thanks to a woman wandering naked into the store. But can you guess which state this took place in? *Cue the thinking theme

If you guessed Florida, you are wrong. This bizarre moment took place in New Jersey at their famous Wawa convenience store and the stranger part is no one stopped the woman at all, nor did she get arrested. She actually didn’t buy anything, left the store, got in her car and drove away. One person said they  noticed that her car had clothes in it so she must’ve stripped down before entering the Wawa. It is hot this time of year, but c’mon.

[[contentId: 2871576| allowfullscreen: | frameborder: 0| height: 360| width: 640]]

Some onlookers said the woman looked like she needed help but no one made the move to assist her. Police are reviewing the above video which was taken by a news team reporting a completely different story that day and just happened to catch the occurance. The woman has yet to be questioned and remains at large. Or she just got away with a really random prank.