Woman Marries Herself In Big Wedding Ceremony, Kisses Mirror

Some of us guys are in a sexual relationship with ourselves, not by our own choice. One British woman who was sick of being single decided to forego looking for a man to spend the rest of her life with the woman of her dreams; herself. This should prove for happy marriage where everyone gets to eat what they want for dinner and stay out at parties as long as they like, am I right 1980’s stand-up comedians?

If A Dude Catches This Bouquet He Has To Marry His Hand

Grace Gelder went through all of the wedding planning steps that traditional couples go through, from proposing to herself on a park bench, to arranging a lavish ceremony and reception at a farmhouse in Devon, England. The ceremony, attended by 50 guests, ended with Gelder giving herself a ring and kissing a mirror. NICE. That is going to be one battery charged honeymoon.

These two love each other so much they complete each other’s sentences.

It’s hard to believe but Grace spent the past six years being single. To go through with the solo nuptials she was inspired by a Bjork song “Isobel” which features a character that makes reference to marrying herself. While she is happy with her current relationship she says she is still open to having a relationship with another human that doesn’t share her DNA and the same consciousness;

“And just because I married myself, it doesn’t mean that I’m not open to the idea of sharing a wedding with someone else one day.”

Wait a minute, now she’s going to be a polygamist! Well now I’ve heard of everything.  Of course, if you think she is odd, there was that other lady who married the Eiffel Tower:

My only concern is what if the relationship sours? It’s not like Grace can get away from her “partner” very easily. If most of us get in an argument with a loved one we can just storm into the next room and slam the door. Poor Grace is always stuck with her spouse. If “they” get in a domestic squabble, what’s that going to look like? Something like this perhaps?

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It should be noted that this marriage is not legally binding, which is terrible since she won’t be getting any of her spouse’s benefits, just her own. Yeah, it’s confusing. Grace herself goes full Austin Powers word scramble in this foreign language interview below. She responds in English so it’s worth a listen, to hear her logic behind the one woman wedding as she explains; “The hardest part was finding a ring because I’m going to have to look at that every day and remind myself.. what I agreed to do with myself.”

– Yes we know the interviewer is not speaking English, but listen to her responses! Is she making sense to you?

How do you feel about this? Should self-marriage be recognized?

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