How This Woman Lost Her Wedding Ring While Handing Out Candy Is Just Dumb

Every year, parents worry about someone slipping something into their kids’ treat bag. One woman in Arizona got quite a scare when she realized she gave out her wedding ring to a trick or treater.

Brooklin Yazzie (not the name of a gang member from a Dr. Seuss book) prepared to hand out candy on Halloween like every other homeowner who didn’t want to get egged. Before the evening started, she took off her wedding ring and put in a jar of candy so she could help her daughters carve some Jack-o-Lanterns. She forgot about the ring when she dumped out the candy and accidentally handed out her ring to one lucky trick-or-treater. It got even more confusing because she also gave out some toy rings on Halloween along with the candy. So now, someone out there has this woman’s ring on their finger or in their stomach depending on how fast they ate their candy.

Yazzie’s not the only person to make such an easy mistake. A man in Massachusetts did the same thing and both are looking to get them back by asking the community for help. We sincerely hope that whomever has their rings gives them back and not just because we’re worried that some dumber kid out there might mistake it for a glazed Ring Pop.

by Danny Gallagher

source: ABC News