Woman Jumps From Moving Car Because Of Spider: Causes Accident

For your daily dose of dumbass we go to Syracuse, Indiana. That is where a woman’s severe case of arachnophobia nearly got her son killed. The lady jumped from her moving car because of a spider.

Sadly John Goodman was not on hand to take care of the offending arachnid.

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It all went down Friday morning when Angela Kipp was backing out of her driveway. The 35-year-old woman’s 9-year-old son was in the back seat. Suddenly Kip was startled by a SPIDER on her shoulder. Instead of stopping the car, putting it in park, and opening the car door to rid herself of the eight legged hell beast, she chose another method which nearly exterminated more than the spider. She jumped from her still moving vehicle in her driveway. Seems reasonable, where have we seen this before recently?

This is not the same lady in question.

After his mother jumped from the moving vehicle to avoid a spider, the boy got in the front seat and attempted to stop the car. However, instead of hitting the brakes, he hit the gas. This sent the car flying faster into the street where it hit a school bus. Luckily no passengers were on board the bus at the time of the accident and the school bus driver was not injured.

The boy was taken to the hospital and suffered only minor injuries. I’m guessing he is also going to be able to hold this over his mother for the rest of his life anytime they have a disagreement. “Oh yeah, I can’t stay out until 11PM tonight? Remember when you almost got me killed because of a spider when I was 9? Yeah I’m staying till 11PM tonight.”

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Source: KTLA