Woman Hides Gun In Vagina Before Going To Jail

Like my grandma always said, if you’re getting arrested and going to jail anyway, might as well hide a gun in your vagina.

Josephine McAllister, 34, in Albuquerque had apparently nothing left to lose after getting arrested with stolen credit cards, receiving stolen property, larceny and resisting/obstructing an officer when coming up with the plan to conceal the weapon. It was only later the gun was found in a trashcan by an inmate, who then reported it to police. At least four officers had searched McAllister before she was booked, but no one apparently thought to check the inside of her vagina for anyting suspicious before taking her in. Oddly enough, McAllister thought it’d be best to maybe get rid of the gun after getting booked into the detention center and dumped the gun before anyone noticed. Gross.

Long story short, she has the Mary Poppins handbag of vaginas.

McAllister explained she was high on heroin during her arrest and tried sneaking the gun in so she could hurt the officers. Unfortunately for McAllister, she was then re-booked on a new charge. Fortunately for officers, they have a new greatest “you won’t believe where this woman hid her gun” story of all time.

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source: Abqjournal