Woman Horrified By Three Inch Leech Living In Her Nose

A Scottish woman named Daniela Liverani returned from a backpacking trip across Vietnam to discover that something was wrong with her nose. She was suffering from nose bleeds and thought perhaps it was just a burst blood vessel. She could see a red protrusion in her nose and thought it was a clot from nose bleeds. Whenever the “clot” would pop out, she would sniff it back up her nose.

Hopefully her “blood clot” didn’t lay eggs.

 However one day in the shower she saw it come all the way down to her lip. She jumped out of the shower and in the mirror discovered that the “clot” had ridges on it and was really a leech. She quickly went to the emergency room to have the unwanted nose guest removed. She was horrified when doctors in Edinburgh removed the three inch blood sucking leech. And you thought the tourist traps you went to on vacation were trying to bleed you dry.

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Imagine something three inches long becoming stuck inside you.

The most horrific part of the ordeal is that she had kept the leech up there for at least a month without knowing what it really was:

“I saw him so many times but I just sniffed him back up. I tried to blow him out and grab him but I couldn’t get a grip of him before he retreated back up my nose.

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She will never judge anyone for picking their nose again.

This sounds like something right out of a horror movie. I would probably freak out more from the idea of the bug living in my nose, than the pain of having the doctor pull it out. You know it’s bad when even the medical personal are horrified. Daniela says that:

“The staff were horrified. The doctor used a nose forceps to pry my
nostrils open really wide – it was agony…. Whenever the doctor grabbed him, I could feel tugging at the inside of my nose.

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She might really have a “bat in the cave.”

The doctor said that if the leech hadn’t been removed it may have worked itself all the way up into her brain. She might have gotten the nose stowaway while swimming in the river in Vietnam. Daniela says she and her friend Jenny call the leech “Mr. Curly” because “He had been curled up in a big ball, using my nostril as a little nest…. At one point, I could feel him up at my eyebrow.”

OK, A. That’s nasty. B. Jenny? Vietnam? Was Lieutenant Dan there too? C. I would have named him Robin.. get it?

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