This Lady Had A Spider Weaving A Web Inside Her Ear!

Li Meng was a lady with a problem.  She constantly heard scratching noises that apparently no one else could hear.  Like any normal person, she chalked this up to evil spirits and decided to not see a doctor.  However, eventually, the evil ear spirits became such a pain in the ass she went to pray about them.  Guess what?  No dice! 

Eventually Meng broke down and went to the doctor who quickly determined it wasn’t evil spirits in her ear, it was something arguably more horrifying – a spider.  A spider building its web.  During its downtime it apparently just sat on her ear drum and did what spiders do.

Going after the spider caused it to get pissy and apparently bear down, which caused Meng more pain, but eventually they jammed her full of medication of some kind and then yanked the little bugger out. 

So the end of the story for Meng is a mostly happy one but what about that hapless spider?  What the hell was that guy thinking?  Suppose he finished his web unhindered and all had gone as planned for him?  What are the odds another bug would ever find its way into that woman’s ear?  That spider was kind of an idiot. 

This spider joins a long line of creepy ass things stuck in people’s ears.  Like this!

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