Here’s A New One: Woman Caught Defiling Dinosaur Statue In Park

Game over, pack it up, folks. We found the article to shut it down for the week. A woman was seen enjoying the Dino Trail in Exmouth a little too much because she was literally banging the hell out of it. We’re talking skirt up, no undies, crotch on dinosaur banging it. Here, take a look for yourselves!

Mother of God.

Luckily an American isn’t to blame for banging a dinosaur since this occurred in England. It is however unfortunate either way because this is supposed to be a family friendly trail with dinosaur statues along the way, so there were some kids around when this moment took place. Folks passing by were able to at least take a picture of the woman banging the dinosaur so they could show it to authorities…and post to the internet because, c’mon, it’s a woman banging a dinosuar.

The dinosaur requested to be beheaded after the occurrence.

An organizer with the trail said, “Whilst we have had some deliberate damage to the dinosaurs in past weeks, this episode brings things to an all time low as far as these important and very popular assets to our town are concerned.”

The dinosaur statue banging woman is still at large.

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