Woman Getting Tattooed While Skydiving Is Ultimate Wife Material

We’ve all heard of – hell, a lot of us even have – tattoos in weird places. From the eye to the groin, or tongue to titty, it’s hard to get a tattoo that seems like it’s in an unusual place these days. That is, unless you redefine the unusual place.

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 For one Canadian woman the “place” was actually the geographic location of where the tattoo was inked on to her – and it was in the air. Yep, she had the four letter word “AHHH” tattooed on her wrist while skydiving.


While falling to the ground at 120 MPH, the tattoo artist inked the four letters in under half a minute,  giving them just enough time to pull their cords.


The tattoo artist was held by other skydivers to keep a steady hand, and he had drawn an outline prior to the jump.


He said “The main problem I thought would happen was the wind but I was able to get over her arm and into the bubble that objects create when falling. Also having people to stabilize me made it super smooth but the machine wasn’t as powerful as I needed.”


“I made it for a one time use with basic AA batteries. I was so excited after the jump that I didn’t do another for the rest of the day.”


He’s not the only tattoo artist to lay some ink in unusual locales. A Turkish man has been known to give his customers tattoos while parasailing.


He topped that though when in 2008 he went diving with a customer and over the course of 25 minutes, was able to tattoo a warrior on them.


We’re not sure if this quite fits into our story, but let’s assume it does for the moment. This chick had an orgasm while getting tattooed. Top that, Popeye!

Source: Mirror