Woman Gets Revenge On Ex-Lover With Sexy Photos To Make Him Jealous

It’s often been said that most women are attracted to jerks and frankly, we don’t know if that’s true or not. We do know that the guy who left this woman deserves to be literally labeled as a jerk preferably with some kind of branding iron. 

Apparently, some jerk left this woman five days after she had major, life-saving surgery. We can think of two reasons he’s a moron. 

Tracy Kiss (yes, that’s her real name) of England had to have an emergency operation when doctors discovered that her silicone breast implant had sprung a leak. Fortunately, doctors were able to fix the leak but five days later, Kiss’s fiancé decided it was time to end their relationship while she was still recovering.  

Kiss, a single mother with two daughters, decided not to spend her time mourning the loss of the jerk who chose to leave her in her time of need. Instead, she grabbed her phone and created an account on Instagram where she’s been posted a series of smoking hot pictures where she’d been showing the world exactly what he deemed not to be “relationship material.” 

The good news is that she’s definitely single. The bad news is if you try to break up with her for a stupid reason, you will be a bigger jerk than the last guy who left her. 

Since then, she’s gained over 47,000 followers and she even gets complements not just from guys who can barely string together a sentence in the presence of her insane hotness but also some women who told her “If I was your age, if I looked like you, I’d be doing it too.” 

You’re not even reading these, are you? We understand. 

Well on behalf of decent men everywhere, we can assure Miss Kiss that there are guys who can appreciate her beauty and what she has to offer and we don’t just mean the things that are causing them to use their phone with one hand or wish they had purchased a non-stick cover. 

Source: Elite Daily