Woman Gets Revenge On Cheating Boyfriend With Bucket Of Paint

Everyone knows the old expression “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” but few of us actually get to learn what that means or at least survive the experience without being turned into a drooling, emotionless vegetable. A cheating boyfriend got to experience the fury of the woman he scorned after she painted how she really felt about him on the wall of the bedroom they once shared. 

When you really want to tell the scumbag in your life how you feel about them, say it with Sherwin Williams. 

Zoe Wheeler discovered that her boyfriend was seeing someone else behind her back but rather than just confront him with the fact that he’s a lying scumbag, then get drunk and sing “I Will Survive” at a drunken karaoke night with her friends, she decided to make her revenge a little more personal. So while he was sound asleep one night, she snuck into their bedroom with a jar of red paint and carefully painted the phrase “Cheating Piece of Shit” on one of the walls. She then took a picture of her masterpiece and posted it on Instagram while the sleeping bastard was still dreaming his douchebaggy thoughts in what used to be their joint bedroom. 

Sadly, there isn’t a video or even a photo of the sleeping creepy’s reaction to his now ex-girlfriend’s little, permanent Post-It note. We imagine it involved a lot of wetting of pants and crying or at least we hope it did because we believe that this is a just and fair world. 

Source: Elite Daily