Woman Has Public Freakout After Being Confronted For Parking In Handicap Spot

For once I’d like to watch one of these “public justice” videos and see the subject of the video NOT behave like a total ass:

Should she have parked in a handicap spot? No. Have we all done it before when we’re in a rush? Yeah we have! You can’t tell me that when you know you’re just going to be running into a store for less than three minutes and the only space available is a handicap one that you’ve NEVER parked in it. This isn’t even about taking the moral high ground – I’ll be the first to admit it’s wrong and I shouldn’t do it. But come on. Don’t lie to yourself – you’ve done it too.

But if someone tried to blow up my spot for parking in one, my go-to response wouldn’t be to act like a junkie coffee bitch and hurl beverages at him. That’s not helping your case. In that version of events no one is going to take your side because not only are you wrong, you’re also being a fuckwit about it – but y’know, if you maybe apologized and said something along the lines of “No I’m not handicapped, but zero handicapped people drove by looking for a spot and I was only in there for two minutes. Blow me,” people might realize they too pull the same shit and not be on your case so much for it.

Besides, this is nowhere near as bad as the people who have handicapped family members but use the handicap placard to park even when they’re not with them – THOSE people are the real bastards. Go film them instead of Average Coffee Bitch if you want to consider yourself a true social justice warrior.