Woman Fired From Military Dental Clinic After Being Accused Of Being A Witch

For today in outrage we go to Fort Meade, Maryland. That is where a woman who worked as an Air Force contractor at Fort Meade’s dental clinic says she was fired from her job because her co-workers accused her of being a witch. No, they were not upset with her choice in costume for the upcoming company Halloween party. They really believed that dental technician, Deborah Schoenfeld was an actual, hocus- pocus witch. Is there a spell she can cast to bring them into the 21st century?

How did she really get rid of all those cavities? WITCH!

Schoenfeld recently filed a complaint that she was facing religious discrimination over her practicing Hindu beliefs and her interest in Wiccan practices. That is when she was fired on September 2nd for “using profanity against a co-worker” although she was not allowed to know who made this accusation. She says that her co-workers at the military dental clinic continually harassed her over practicing Hinduism, saying that partaking in Yoga and meditating was satanic. They referred to her as the “Hindu witch.” Maybe there is a good explanation for all of this; she wasn’t riding a broom because she is a witch, she’s just a big Harry Potter fan and wanted to play some Quidditch?

She got called a witch with a “w?” Really?

The other employees at the clinic are devoutly Christian and took offense to her religious beliefs. One co-worker who prayed for he, told her that mediation summons demons and; “all the soldiers who are doing meditation and yoga to help their PTSD, they are getting infected also.”

The Air Force Times reached out to two of the supposed witch’s former co-workers, who were not part of the Salem trials who confirmed the harassment. After she was fired they say that employees of clinic were thankful that the person who replaced her was a Catholic. The Military Religious Freedom Foundation is advocating on Schoenfeld’s behalf and as you can imagine, sent a letter, half in amusement at how outrageous some of these accusations are.

It goes on from there, fun stuff, yay 2015.

The Air Force is currently investigating the incident, and we are eagerly awaiting their report. Hopefully they will be able to determine if witches are real.

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Source: The Air Force Times