You Won’t Believe How This Woman Stopped A Dog Attack

Some people will do anything for their pets. Ann Bendouli really went the extra mile this past weekend when her small Jack Russell puppy was viciously attacked by a larger Staffordshire terrier on a beach in Australia. They say to get away from a shark attack you should punch the shark in the face. However, for a dog who won’t release its jaw from its victim, you may want to try what Bendouli did and put a pinky in the stinky.

This dog better never poop on the carpet again.

The woman was walking her dog on the beach when she says the other canine charged at them from 50 meters away and bit her pup Lexey, angrily tossing her around like a rag doll. The attacker’s owner helplessly tried to restrain and hit the dog into submission, but the dog only bit down harder, locking its jaw.  That’s when Bendouli remembered something she had read on the internet…utoh…

“I had read that you are supposed to pick up the dog’s tail and put a lighter up its behind,” she said. “I didn’t have a lighter, so I put my finger up its backside, right up to the second knuckle.”

Damn, two knuckles deep! Now that is how you do it!

Thankfully the dog was so shocked that she dropped Lexey, who was then taken to safety. The dog is now recovering after emergency surgery with fifteen stitches on her side.

Bendouli is angry with the attacking dog’s owner. This was its second time their dog has attacked, and it wasn’t on a leash or muzzled. They could be fined upwards of $3500 ($4000 AUD) and the dog could be euthanized. While the owners originally agreed to pay the vet bills for poor little Lexey they have since gone back on that promise. Sounds like someone needs to get triple knuckled.

“I’d be game for this.”

They don’t teach this on nature documentaries, but the best way to stop a bear from attacking you isn’t to remain still, but rather to give it the “Shocker.” If a tiger is mauling you, how about trying a toe in the pooper? Wild boar attacks should be treated with a good fisting? I think we need to rewrite wildlife survival guides with tips of our own on dealing with wild animals! Tell us what you would  do to stop a vicious animal attacking you.

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