Woman Fined $157 Dollars For Eating Banana In Traffic

For today in outrage we go to England where a woman received a hefty fine for something she was doing with a banana in her car.  Elsa Harris of Christchurch, Dorset was fined £100 ($157 dollars) for using her banana while in standstill traffic. Now you might be thinking “OK, Break, heh-heh, well what was she doing with the banana?” She was eating it! That’s it ya pervert! She was just eating a banana in her car with her mouth! Why does everything have to be sick with you people?

OMG, she was also driving on the wrong side of the road!

Harris says the yellow delicious fruit is “The most expensive banana she has ever eaten.” While in traffic she admits that she took her hands off the wheel for a moment to peel the banana. That’s when a traffic officer rushed in front of her car, and angrily told her she was driving without her hands on the wheel and was a danger to other motorists. She says she wasn’t “driving” as she was stuck in standstill traffic.

The single mother says she is a caregiver in people’s homes and barely has time to eat lunching during the day. She says the officer;

“…put me in the back of his car like a criminal and told me what a danger I was. I couldn’t believe it, you get drink-drivers, people texting and eating while they speed along. Surely, me eating a banana in a traffic jam is not that important.”

The officer didn’t see it that way, handing her the ticket for the fine and informing her that she can either get three penalty points added to her license or complete a driver awareness training course.

Do not let this guy behind the wheel.

The crazy part is that she had actually already peeled the banana before she left home; there was a small piece of skin on it she had to finish getting off. In addition “eating while driving” is not actually against the law, but could be seen as “driving without care or attendance.” It should be noted to the law that bananas are actually of great health benefit to your eyes and vision, so Harris was improving her awareness of the road.

Do you think a $157 dollar fine is fair for peeling a banana while driving?

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Source: Daily Mail UK